Driver Safety Training: Improve Response, Lower Risks 


Each year, more than 4,500 collisions involving ambulances and 30,000 involving fire apparatus have the potential to injure firefighters, EMS providers, their patients and members of the community.

From learning their response district, common routes and how to perform a 360-degree walk around of the vehicle, to using lights and sirens to request (not demand) the right of way, new drivers have a lot to learn.

Research shows without continued training and reinforcement, drivers drift back into bad habits without effective management. 

In this free eBook, provided by FireRescue1 Academy, you will learn:

  • How to document and evaluate driver training while qualifying fire apparatus drivers
  • How one public safety agency instituted cameras and encouraged buy in with a cultural shift
  • The art and the science of teaching driver safety at every step of the response, before even leaving the fire station bay